About us.

How it all began...

'My epic journey of baking all started just after I had my son, Tyler. I was a young stay at home mum so I didn't have much money at the time, when it was a family member's birthday I decided to cheekily bake them a cake instead of buying them a present. I honestly had no idea what I was doing and had to start again about 3 times! I know it's nothing special but here's the finished product...

Everyone starts somewhere right?
Everyone starts somewhere right?

I can't remember now but I'm sure it didn't taste of much, needless to say everyone was full of praise and suppport. So I just kinda thought: 'Hey, while I'm not working I may as well give this baking malarcky a go!?' 

I made a Facebook page called 'Cakes and Such' and got a few orders in from friends and family, I have to say...I pretty much winged it at first but after a while I started to realise that I might just have a knack for this! The extra money came in handy and was much appreciated on those rainy days for Tyler and I. 

On October 2012 I took a HUGE chance and booked myself a table at London's MCM Expo aka Comic Con! I was so nervous because at the time they were getting about 60,000 people attending. Being a gamer, otaku and nerd through and through I felt confident I could give people what they wanted. 

Featuring: Pokeballs, Tri-forces and DOMO!!!
Featuring: Pokeballs, Tri-forces and DOMO!!!
Featuring: Naruto, Hello Kitty and Totoro!
Featuring: Naruto, Hello Kitty and Totoro!

We did amazingly well and everyone was full of such kind words! We have been attending the MCM Expo ever since and have built up a loyal fanbase whom we adore to pieces!

It was after the Comic Con had finished that I recieved an email from none other than... NINTENDO!!! I actually thoguht it was someone playing a trick on me at first. Turns out they wanted me to do over 1,000 corporate cupcakes for them to support the launch of the Wii U!

Can't really say no can you? >_<

So I was brought to the very limits of stress, I had to arrange a mass of individual same day couriers to deliver the cupcakes to all over the UK, from Bournemouth to Glasgow. Luckily I had alot of help from my family who pitched in on my all nighter and it was a total success! 

In the meantime...I was also doing a wired sugar flower course at an adult learning college. I was hoping that this would allow me to penetrate the extremely competetive wedding cake market, unfortunately it seems that London is so over-saturated with not only cake makers but ESPECIALLY wedding cake makers.

What with everyone getting a look in, even supermarkets like Marks and Spencers I decided to focus my efforts elsewhere. I am glad I learned this skill as it is something I will never forget and I'm sure I may get a special order one day who would like some lovely roses to munch on! I passed last year with the grade of Merit, which I was very pleased with.

In May 2013 I was asked at the very last minute to host a cupcake 'Master Class' for the Great Croydon Bake Off. Unfortunately I'm a total nervous wreck unless I'm fully prepared beforehand so I turned it down out of sheer panic. I was so flattered that I was even asked as it shows that people out there must see some talent in my work, opportunities like these make me believe that I am doing the right thing by pursueing my dream and keep me motivated! :D

So those are the major milestones of my baking rollercoaster which brings us to this website. After having to turn down more customers that I'd like due to distance and the fact that cakes don't travel very well, I am now launching this website where everyone will be able to have access to no-nonsense homemade cakes...IN JARS! 

While I no longer take orders for large cakes, feel free to browse through a gallery of some of my favourite creations over the years. Some from when I first started to more recent orders.' 

- Georgina Webb 

Business Owner and Queen Baker