CAKES IN JARS!? I'm sure you may have some questions about this... and I'll be happy to answer them all!

The concept originally derived from loving army wives who wanted to send their brave husbands cakes while stationed at their posts overseas. Transport was a problem due to the delicate nature of cake however thanks to the mighty jar they were able to overcome this obstacle. It is also known that jars are excellent at preserving because they are air tight and can also be sterilised. 

We have taken this concept and refined it to something that not only looks pretty but also tastes darn good too! Good homemade cake is something that unfortunately alot of people are being deprived of, if you are not a big fan of cake but have only ever had store bought cakes from supermarkets etc then you have no idea what you are missing out on.

Store bought cake and homemade cake are two completely different ball games, along with all the preservatives, additives and sometimes E-numbers that come with supermarket cake they generally tend to taste of nothing with a very alien texture. But hey, how much can you really expect from something made by a machine with a sell by date of over a month!?

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