Well hello there...

Cake in a Jar is getting married!

Our website will be closed from the 31st of July until the 11th of September. All custom orders already accepted will still be taken care of but we will not be taking on anything more during this time. Emails will still be responded to but could take a little while due to wonderful things like a Honeymoon, EEEEEEEEEEeeeeee!!! 

Thank you to everyone for your continued support and I look forward to baking more goodies for you when we get back! :D 

Much love babes xxx 

All orders placed before noon will be dispatched the next working day!

cake in a jar

I find that 'homemade' is a rarely used word these days and it is unusual that you'd be able to buy anything of this nature currently, let alone on the internet! However, that is exactly what I am offering right here, lovely homemade cake delivered straight to your door, no fuss. 

- Georgina Webb
Business owner and Queen Baker.
(Instagram - genieinajar)